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part 1...
Hey dear frnds I not a writer but after reading lot of ff , I decided to write this ff- "pyar kab ho jata h pta  hi  nhi chalta".
Ur love is welcomed in form of likes and comments as gud or bad both r welcomed here.
I m writing this ff on my fav actors and based on my fav serial "balh".....

Ram Kapoor ' The Ram kapoor  a most famous business tycoon of 35 yrs old unmarried and loved his family and frnds a lot..but somewhere feels alone. Thinks "kya koi uske liye nahi bani jise dekh kar kuch kuch hone lage" , kya vo apni puri life akele bitadega. 

 Priya Sharma ' DR.Priya Sharma is doctor in City hospital of age 33 yrs old, unmarried ,loved her family and frnds a lot ..but she also feels alone.
Thinks "kya koi uske liye nahi bana uske liye jise  dekh kar kuch kuch hone lage".

Rajut Kapur ' DR Rajat Kapur is doctor with priya and is best childhood frnd of priya.
 Vikram ' Ram's best frnd and business partner with ram 30 % share in business.
Malika ' business partner with ram 30 % share in business and family frnd.

Rest of intro in story only'frnds if u like it plz tell me ' "shall I continue"

Part 1:
Ram is busy in meeting. His phone is on silent. receives a call from sectary :
S - Sir there is urgent call for u
RAM ' I m busy, call me after some time
s- but sir dr rajat has called from city hospital , I think ur cell is on silent.
Ram ' Ok, transfer it,
s- sure sir,
ram ' hello , yes rajat, why u called me in office?????
 Dr Rajat ' ram priya ki tabiyat bahut kharab hai jaldi aa ja..
Ram- kya hua..?? subah toh bilkul thik thi
Dr Rajat 'ram uska bp low ho gya h aur I think we can't take chance'hame operation karna padega ab..tum jaldi aa jao'she is unconscious'
Ram ' ha main jaldi aa raha hu'
Ram excuses himself from meeting and tell there is emergency he has to go.
Ram picks his cell and sees 20 miss call of priya and 10 miss calls of rajat .
He controls himself and leaves .
On the way:
FLASH BACK ' ram says to himself..exactly 2 yrs back'same day'aaj ke din hi'tumhe  maine first time dekha tha'
Aaj bhi esa lagta hai jaise, abhi ki baat hai.. jab hum mile the'vo barish ..kitna 'ajeeb masaum tha'I hate this rain'but ab muje achi lagti hai kyun ki u loves rain'.i love u priya'I m coming jaan''
Ram in city hospital as his father got attack of high bp , standing in front his room and his tension is increasing  a lot.
Ram's father amaranth kapoor ' business man and a very gud person from heart, really wants' his son to get married.
KK- Ram's mother Krishna kapoor ' lovely mother and kind hearted person.
Vikram -  ram tu tension mat le uncle thik ho jayenge.
Ram ' yr tension kaise na lu'tuje pta ha na papa ko main ese ni dekh sakta.
Vikram ' main dr se baat karta hu tu bas shant ho jata'
Ram ' kaise shant ho jau..sits on the chair and feeling restless.
Vikram goes to dr cabins
Then dr comes puts her hand on ram's shoulder and says mr kapoor'
Her voice was sweet'ram's felt that his also tension was removed with a single voice'.he looks her'ram was lost in her beauty'.she was wearing ocean tight fitting green color suit 'her eyes were like shining stars'beauty without makeup only eye liner on eyes 'high pony tail'white coat on suit'he was lost in another world '.she was none other than dr priya'.ram thinking to himself " yeh ab tak kaha thi...she is so'beautiful'and simple'god"

When priya saw him wearing black color suit 'blue shirt'looking utmost handsome person whom she was seeing'she was out of the world'his dark bown eyes 'she was lost in them'she knew that ram was the trusty of the hospital but she had never seen him'.she felt like'the person who she was waiting has come'.
Both r lost '
Ram in sub conscious state says to her'
Ram - U r so'.beautiful'.
Priya ' excuse me
Ram ' I feel like I m in heaven'.
Priya ' mr kapoor'.she shakes him '
Ram came back to his senses'
Ram ' I m sorry..wo main'.kho gya tha kahi'.
Priya ' it ok mr kapoor'wo apke papa ki reports dekhani thi apko'plz come to my cabin'she felt something like new feeling'.she was happy from  heart'she wanted to see him'more and more'it was impossible for her to control without looking him'.said to herself'he is so..cute '
'after some ram enter her cabin'before entering he saw the name plate written ..Dr.Priya Sharma.M.D'.thinks to himself'not bad'waise Priya Ram Kapoor suits her more'than this'.and enters in her cabin with a smile'
Dr priya..may I come in..?
Dr. priya ' Ya sure mr kapoor'please have a seat'
Ram  - thanks '.
Priya  thinks ' priya control kar 'par kaise 'finally she relaxed herself and said- mr kapoor yeh sir ki reports h..kuch medicines likh di h maine 'aap time par de dena'he  will be fine'koi problem hoti hai toh we are here'chota sa attack tha'nothing serious 'stress ki wajah se'.
Ram ' papa jaldi thik toh ho jayenge na?
Priya ' ya..sure..after 2 days unhe discharge mil jayega'
Ram ' thanks'shall I leave'
Priya ' ya sure'but somewhere in her heart she wants to talk with him'.for more time'.same feeling was with ram'he doesn't want to leave but 'he has to go'ram before leaving said'dr priya'u look beautiful'
With this comment priya was on 9th cloud'.and ram left'priya was sitting back on chair'close her eyes 'flashes of ram are continuously coming..each word was touching like a new feeling'
Ram while going on the way 'thinking yeh muje kya ho raha h..aaj tak maine kisi se ese ni kaha 'par use dekh kar oh control hi ni hua'.ram wo kya soon 'priya faces starts flashing in front of her'then his thought was broke by vikram's voice'.ram tuh etna khush kyo ho raha h?...abhi toh thodi der phele etni tension me tha..
Ram ' kuch ni 'tu chal'yr'
Ram and vikram went to kk..said ma papa thik ho jayenge..don't worry'kk..said ram abhi toh tum etni tension me the'par achanak se kya ho gya ki 'tum ese keh rahe ho'
Ram ' ma'kuch ni'bas vo dr ne kaha h'ki hum unhe do din baad ghar le ja sakte h'
Kk ' thik h'main ruk jati hu yaha'
Ram ' ni ma ..main rukta hu na 'ap jao rest karo'thinking to himself'
Are priya ko dekhe bina toh ab ni reh paunga'apko kaise yeh sab kahu ma'
..kk ' kaha kho gya ab tum'ram..
Ram -  kuch ni ma'ap jao'main yehi hu'
And went inside the room where ak was lying on bed'.
After some time'dr priya came with nurse for check up'
Ram was not directly looking at her but was smiling from inside'after nurse left'he came near her..said ' dr priya...hesitatingly 'said..can we have cup of coffee together'?
Priya ' mr kapoor'I think..this is not the right place ..but I will get off after 2 hours'then ..
Ram - -ya sure'no problem..
Priya- see u after  2hours..went with a smile ..ram was also smiling..

These 2 hours were the most long hours for both of them'neither ram nor priya was able to concentrate ..ram was feeling restless'priya was not able to concentrate on her work'both wanted to see each other as soon as possible'
After 2 hours..
Ram and priya both came to canteen at same time and were in hurry ..due to that bumped into each other at the door of canteen'
Priya'said ouch'so sorry'before looking him..
Ram ' said I m sorry wo main jaldi me that  toh,'before looking her,..
As they looked each other'smiled 'priya asked kis baat ki jaldi'thi..
Ram ' aap se milne ki'with this priya was blushing'.ram realized what he said'and closed his eyes for 1 sec'said sorry'wo galti se muh se nikal gya'
Said to himself..ram yeh kya kar raha h tu'control'kar'
Then  both entered in canteen'
Both said in front of each other'there was complete silence b/w them..then priya said  ' so u  r "the ram kapoor"..
Ram ' ya'but for u only ram ..
Priya'was looking deep into his eyes'and lost..same ram was also lost '
Both broke the contact when waiter interrupted'
Sir..maam'kya lenge aap?
Ram ' 2 coffee..and waiter left.
To be continued'.

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